Monday, December 1, 2008

Grandma Doesn't Need Another Pair of Slippers

If you ask me, we all have too much stuff that means very little. As I sit looking over my son's toys that are collecting dust, unwanted and ignored, I can't help but think that the thing that kept his attention for over 2 hours today was bubble wrap. It seems no matter what our intentions, our gifts all fall short and feel as empty as our wallets.

What happened to the gifts from the heart? Have we forgotten the lessons of the Gift of the Magi? Does a pair of slippers say you are the best Grandma in the world? I know that if Nanny could have one thing for Christmas, it would be to remember all of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren's names. She doesn't need more stuff, just more time.

This holiday, I encourage you to look into your heart and think about what your friend or family member really needs. I guarantee you, it's not another pair of slippers.

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Lucy said...

You are so right. We get pressure from the outside world to give big things or many things to our kids and family to show we are something, not sure what but something. This year the kids and I vowed to give hand made where possible. I worked with them for the month before christmas makeing what they could make, aprons, hair ribbons, hats and scarfs. They loved it and had so much fun and loved what they got from each other. It was the best christmas. I made them dresses and pants and they wear them all the time and enjoy the fact that their mom took time from her busy sewing job and made things for them. I think it was the best Christmas in a while. We had to turn Satelite off this fall with construction and it was so nice to not be bombarded with commercials for things they didn't need but felt they might want because someone else thought it was important.